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  • What is the Embryo Balance specialization track?
    Embryo College offers a complete advanced training course until receiving the Embryo Balance Practitioner certificate The course includes theoretical knowledge in the classroom as well as practical studies in water and in the clinic. The study method up to the full specialization is divided into three modules that depend on each other. But there will be a matching screening before admission to stage C
  • What are the stages of the course?
    First step - Embryo Balance to balance the embryo Second step - embryo to balance the birth To balance and invert a practitioner third stage - embryo - there will be a rematch screening for this stage. Not everyone who was accepted for phase A+B will be accepted for phase C In any case, this step will only be suitable for midwives and doulas
  • Is it possible to learn only the last step?
    The full internship program is made up of three modules or phases that depend on each other. The first and second steps must be passed successfully to reach the practitioner level And even then there will be an entrance exam for the last stage. The final grade will consist of the result of the theoretical test, the practical treatments in the internship, the opinions of patients, the test of the result in the practical treatments and of course the impression you left during the course, seriousness of responsibility, etc. But it is possible to participate in the second phase separately as a phase that does not depend on the other phases.
  • Who can participate first and second?
    At first the course is intended for women only specializing in obstetrics. Midwives, doulas, Also Preparation guides for childbirth Nurses water for pregnancy They will be required to take an anatomy and physiology course of pregnancy and childbirth in a preliminary course in Embryo
  • What training do I need to participate in Embryo Practitioner?
    At this stage only experienced midwives and doulas will be allowed to participate Who have successfully passed the first two stages of the Embryo Blanc internship. And successfully passed the entrance test for the last stage. And it was decided that they are suitable to move to this stage
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